Hannahs are dense, firm, and creamy, and much less prone to becoming waterlogged than orange sweet potatoes. All products linked here have been independently selected by our editors. When I was checking out, the checker—a woman of a certain age—looked as though she might know, so I asked whether the yam I had was a jewel yam. Compared to sweet potatoes, yams are less sweet and much more starchy and dry. Fascinating games, optical illusions, etc. Most sweet potatoes just labeled as sweet potatoes are Beauregard. Confusingly, the blog article lists two supposed pictures of what it calls a “satsumaito yam”, which I must admit I’m not familiar with. ).The most common varieties in the U.S. are the Beauregard (the most widely grown cultivar), the jewel, and the garnet (also sometimes known as red yams). White-fleshed sweet potatoes like the Hannah were some of the first to be farmed and eaten in America. Those are the only two varieties on offer in the grocery stores here. I bake garnet yams in the oven, whole and eat them for breakfast. Back home, a little looking through Google images helped make me feel more certain that I had purchased a jewel yam. FLESH – Deep orange. Sweet potatoes actually belong to the morning glory family, Convolvulaceae (that means lots of pretty flowers! It produces a very high yield (to 6 sweet potatoes per plant) of moderately short, chunky roots. Their flesh is slightly stringier and more juicy than some other varieties when cooked, so they're good for mashing and incorporating into baked goods and desserts. I blogged earlier this photo from Zoë Bakes: From top: Camote (sweet potato), Purple “ube” Asian Yam, Sweet Asian Yam, Yampi Yampi, Jewel “yam” (sweet potato), Sweet Potato, Garnet “yam” (sweet potato). So to get a little more clarity about the differences between some of the most common orange tubers, I checked in with Keia Mastrianni, a North Carolina–based writer and oral historian. The jewel yam, commonly available at grocery stores throughout the United States, is not a yam at all but in fact a variety of sweet potato. The jewel yam seems to cook oranger than the garnet, but I have trouble telling them apart. Thanks very much for your comment. Unfortnuately these aren’t as sweet and delicious as the okinawa variety, but they still make for an amazing dinner in my opinion. Basic sweet potatoes are strong sources of beta-carotene, manganese, and copper. In one 30-day study, 24 postmenopausal women switched from their staple food of rice to eating yams in 2 out of 3 meals (390 grams total) per day. Sometimes, this sweet potato cultivar is sold as ‘garnet yams’ in the U.S. It is, after all, my favorite fall vegetable. 22 / 2,000 cal left. I've long believed that the sweet potato is a perfect food—it's filling, flavorful, easy to make, and, according to the internet, relatively nutritious. Jewel Very similar to the Beauregard, can be hard to tell apart in both appearance and flavor. Jewel Sweet Potatoes. Quite good. I put it in the middle of the oven at 400-450 broil, with door shut. It features beautiful dark-purple skin and pale yellow flesh than darkens as it cooks. Learn how your comment data is processed. OK….this is an AWESOME POST! Diane/Garnet Sweet Potatoes. Result of drug decriminalization in Portugal (PDF). “They are your grocery store potatoes,” she says. If you see something not so nice, please, report an inappropriate comment. I love to simply roast then mash these sweet potatoes with butter, but they can also be used to add some heartiness to winter stews and braises. I grew up with vegetarian parents, so I can comfortably go decent stretches of time without meat. Possibly they were mislabeled. Log Food. Jewels have light orange skin, and are less intensely sweet than Beauregards, but can be used in many of the same recipes. He's a contributor to the Washington Post, New York Magazine, Vice, and this excellent website. I’ve shed sugar from my diet for months, and taken long (okay, long-ish) breaks from drinking. Just oil it lightly, salt with coarse sea salt, and put on a buttered sheet of foil on a baking sheet/biscuit pan. With an oddly-colored skin that is a woody brown color, this type of … Quite moist, its orange-yellow flesh is described as being "succulent" and having an excellent flavor. It (supposedly) has a very low glycemic index for a potato and is PACKED with anthocyanin antioxidants as indicated by the dazzlingly, impossibly purple flesh. I eat them cold for breakfast the next morning, by which time they've developed a wonderful custard-like texture. My supermarket in Monterey would identify the yams as garnet or jewel and, as shown in the photos, the yams called “jewel” were darker red, moister, and sweeter when cooked. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. The flesh of a sweet potato can be white, orange, or purple. Some you’ll want to mash with butter and herbs, while others are better left in chunks, roasted with hearty root vegetables. Beauregards have purplish-red skin and a deep orange interior. There have been entire years during which I've religiously baked two sweet potatoes every night, eating one piping-hot from the oven, and putting the other in the fridge overnight. yam = moist-fleshed sweet potato Notes: Americans use the word "yam" to refer to a sweet, moist, orange-fleshed variety of sweet potato. SKIN – Orange/copper. Jewel yams will keep up to four weeks when stored in a dark, dry and cool location. I also thought that the garnet yam (sweet potato) was the one with the darker, more orange flesh and sweeter, richer taste. In order to taste all of the varieties on an equal playing field we baked them. [Photograph: Shutterstock] We love satsuma sweet potatoes for their creamy, starchy texture and nuanced nutty-sweet flavor. Encased in a light red-purplish garnet-colored skin, some can grow to be a foot long. Change ). “Nope,” she said, “that’s a garnet yam.”, I was pretty sure it was a jewel—by then I thought I had the difference figured out—so I asked, “Are you sure?”. Because of their denseness, these sweet potatoes take longer than some other varieties to cook, but the wait is well worth it. Fat 67g--/ 67g left. Their firmness and dense texture makes Hannah sweet potatoes ideal for roasting in chunks, turning into fries, or mashing as a side dish. Instead, you'll find plenty of sweet potato varieties mislabeled as yams. By: Lee Interesting. While swapping these into recipes that call for orange sweet potatoes is a fun way to add a burst of color, their mild flavor and dense texture makes a one-for-one substitution tricky. Or as my dad would say, “Clear as mud!” Jewel & Garnet Yams – These have brownish-orange skins and bright orange interiors. But while most Americans are comfortable with the two or three shades of sweet potato they’re familiar with, they might avoid some of the tastiest varieties for lack of familiarity. Find him on Instagram: e_zar. Elazar Sontag is a writer from Oakland, California, living in Brooklyn. I know this comment is half a year late, but I feel a correction is in order, as the information in previous comments may lead people to believe they are seeking or eating the healthiest potato out there when in fact they are actually eating one of the LEAST healthy varieties. Learn more on our Terms of Use page. Safeway labels yams as “red skins” and (no label), so I got no help there, and the produce person didn’t know any more than the sign said. It looks like this: Try roasting some okra! Yet. There is also a type of sweet potato called Red Garnet which has reddish-purple skin and orange flesh. We reserve the right to delete off-topic or inflammatory comments. Fitness Goals : Heart Healthy. ( Log Out /  When cooked, these sweet potatoes have a slight flakiness akin to a regular potato. Like the Hannah, Okinawa sweet potatoes are denser than orange varieties. In addition to being sweet and flavorful, they retain their lovely orange hue even after baking. Safeway labels yams as “red skins” and (no label), so I got no help there, and the … Although it is called a yam, the tuber is actually a sweet potato.Throughout the United States, garnet yams tend to be the most frequently found yam in conventional grocery stores. Calorie Goal 1,978 cal. So, which variety is used on Okinawa and is credited with best health? The jewel sweet potato, with its copper skin and deep-orange flesh, is probably what you think of when you think sweet potato. 0 %--Fat. Frozen non-breaded okra slices work, too. I quickly learned that there isn’t a universal cooking method that suits all varieties—there are thousands of sweet potato varietals out there, and knowing what you’re in for in terms of taste and texture for a few of the most common varieties will help set you on the path to sweet, sweet nirvana. Keia is the Deputy Editor of Crop Stories, a food magazine telling the stories of farming in the agricultural South. “Because when I key in the code, ‘garnet” comes up.” Of course, she was keying in the code from memory—the yam wasn’t labeled—so that had a certain circular quality. Haven’t had those in top right and bottom right corners. Some HTML is OK: link, strong, em. I’ve always known I like the dark orange flesh the best but stores always get them mixed up. Serving Size : 1 oz. The garnet yam is a type of root vegetable native to South and Central America. The store here has purple yams, and I had one. Tech Retrospect: Meerkat vs. Periscope, and Facebook's grand VR plans cnet.com The Garnet is also called the red yam. The Murasaki sweet potato – also known as the Japanese sweet potato – has a very high glycemic index and, as indicated by its WHITE FLESH, little antixidant power. They have a slight nuttiness, and take well to steaming or roasting in cubes alongside other root vegetables. Often mistaken for sweet potatoes, the red yam has a number of uses. To me, it seems that garnets are slightly more reddish in color on the outside. Generic - Garnet/jewel Yam. The magazine's most recent issue was exclusively dedicated to sweet potatoes. It is used to make a sweet mash for various Japanese desserts and confections. ... Garnet. You can often find red yams, also known as garnet yams, in grocery stores and specialty markets. Sweet potatoes originated in North America, first joining market shelves alongside the white potato as far back as the late 1600s. Let this not-at-all-exhaustive guide act as a doorway into the vast and incredible world of Ipomoea batatas (that's science for "sweet potatoes"). Yams may help alleviate some symptoms of menopause.. The jewel yam seems to cook oranger than the garnet, but I have trouble telling them apart. Sweet Maria's coffee beans, roasters, etc. They have a little bit more reddish and thicker skin, they are less starchy in texture, and a bit sweeter. The perfect margarita is all about fresh, crisp flavors, barely tempered by sweet triple sec. Thanks. They are excellent for baking, roasting or in casseroles. To store, keep in a well ventilated area, preferably a basket. Where would you find it? Daily Goals. Keia explained that all three of the popular orange varieties I'd decided to include in this guide were designed first and foremost with production in mind. “Flavor was not the primary goal for the production of these varieties.” That doesn’t mean that Beauregard, jewel, and garnet sweet potatoes don’t serve their purpose in all sorts of recipes, but compared to some other varieties, their flavors and textures are mild. To everyone else in the world, a yam is what Americans call a tropical yam, a firm tuber with white flesh.Varieties of American "yams" (sweet potatoes) include the garnet yam (pictured at left) and the jewel yam. Interactive chart: Persons killed by police, Dirty Bird Pottery shaving scuttles & bowls. Can you tell your jewels from your garnets? While this root vegetable is available year-round, the best harvest for jewel yams occurs from September through March. Though they can get watery, jewels and Beauregards are both excellent all-purpose sweet potatoes. It was one of the healthiest potatoes you can put in your stomach (well again, supposedly). On the bright side, this means you're highly unlikely to accidentally purchase a yam at your local supermarket. Cholesterol 300g--/ 300g left. As far as sweet taters go, I’ve enjoyed all I’ve tasted. True yams, which aren’t related to sweet potatoes, are very … But back then, the sweet potato was also white or yellow in color. They also tend to have a good shelf life. The Japanese satsuma-imo is my absolute favorite sweet potato. And although a sweet potato is known to be moderately high in protein, about 5 grams of protein in an 8 ounce serving, as with most plant sourced protein, the proteins in sweet potatoes do not provide all the essential amino acids your body needs. Note that an even healther variety exists – the Stokes purple sweet potato. Older, tougher okra is ok if sliced thinly and cooked covered by canned tomatoes with their juices. The Okinawa purple sweet potato is the inverse in terms of color – extremely light brown, almost white, thick skin with deep almost glowing purple flesh inside. Subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest recipes and tips! It is not always available in grocery stores, but I find them at my local Whole Foods or at Japanese grocery stores. seriously…I get so confused what is what. This vegetable has … ( Log Out /  I like to eat the roasted Japanese sweet potato as a sweet snack, which doesn’t require added sugar. [Photograph: Shutterstock] True yams have little in common with sweet potatoes. I sometimes find garnet and jewel yam labels swapped in the grocery store. Jewel vs. Garnet yam. Try using this variety in our recipes for candied yams (or, more accurately, candied sweet potatoes), miso-scallion roasted sweet potatoes, and sweet potato biscuits. ( Log Out /  When consumers think of a yam, they think of the Beauregard. If you see a bin simply labeled "sweet potatoes" it's likely you're either buying Beauregards or jewels (we'll get to those in a moment). These sweet potatoes don't boast the most complex flavor, but they make up for it with plenty of sweetness. Sweet potatoes actually belong to the morning glory family, Convolvulaceae (that means lots of pretty flowers! I think I've figured it out, though: the garnet yam has a reddish skin and tends to be thicker and rounder---sort of more corpulent---and the jewel has brown … You can clearly see that the second picture is not the same kind of potato as the first (and no, I’m pretty sure cooking the first won’t magially lighten it’s skin to look like the second) That second potato with the nearly white skin and deep purple flesh is, or at least looks identical to, the healthy okinawa sweet potato that you seek. He’s the author of Flavors of Oakland: A Cookbook in 20 Stories, a book about home cooks and their food cultures. If you spend any time in Hawai'i, you'll find these sweet potatoes incorporated into some of the most delicious potato salads around, dressed generously with my favorite condiment: mayonnaise. I sometimes find garnet and jewel yam labels swapped in the grocery store. Thank you for pointing out the difference between Jewel and Garnet yams….I was buying them interchangeably when I can’t get the Japanese ones. Ethnic/Cultural Info The sweet potato has long been an important food crop around the world. It is succotash with little work. A blog written for those whose interests more or less match mine. But if you told me right now that I could never eat another sweet potato, I don’t know how I’d go on living. Good for roasting/baking or anything where you are looking for a moist end product. 100 %5 gCarbs. See the comment immediately above your comment. You can recognize a garnet sweet potato thanks to its dark orange-red skin, which conceals bright orange flesh. Jun 27, 2020 - The jewel yam seems to cook oranger than the garnet, but I have trouble telling them apart. Amazing with cinnamon. Ethnic/Cultural Info The Garnet yam was mislabeled in the mid-20th century when orange-fleshed sweet potatoes were first introduced to the market. My supermarket in Monterey would identify the yams as garnet or jewel and, as shown in the photos, the yams called "jewel" were darker red, moister, … Unlike orange sweet potatoes, you don't have to worry about satsuma-imo getting soggy or waterlogged as they cook. Bright orange flesh, copper-colored skin, moist and sweet to taste. https://www.allrecipes.com/article/whats-difference-sweet-potatoes-yams As long as you’re going for the tropical south, it is a natural. Some comments may be held for manual review. While labeled yams, they are actually sweet potatoes and are … With your permission, I’ll move it into the post (with credit) and adjust the current post text accordingly. ).The most common varieties in the U.S. are the Beauregard (the most widely grown cultivar), the jewel, and the garnet (also sometimes known as red yams). I find it really hard to tell garnet and jewel varieties apart because their coloring is fairly similar both inside and outside. They are sweet potatoes, and as such are rich in vitamin C, thiamine, niacin and potassium. I think I’ve figured it out, though: the garnet yam has a reddish skin and tends to be thicker and … “Yes,” she said. Wait… Let’s back the potato truck up. ( Log Out /  Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. It is definitely sweeter. I was a produce buyer for four years. Real yams are native to Asia and Africa, and have scaly brown skin surrounding very starchy white flesh. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Keep in mind that because these sweet potatoes are quite dense, they shouldn't be substituted in recipes that call for orange sweet potatoes, as the baking times and moisture levels won't line up. 0 %--Protein. Yams have rough, dark skin with an almost hairy texture, and the flesh inside is often white or purple. Covington/Jewel Beauregard Sweet Potatoes. Interesting. Interesting development in Poland, which takes torture and international law more seriously than does the US, Online exhibits from Stanford University archives, Natural Standard: Integrative Medicine Reference. I think I’ve figured it out, though: the garnet yam has a reddish skin and tends to be thicker and rounder—sort of more corpulent—and the jewel has brown (sort of light brown) skin and is longer and skinnier. We may earn a commission on purchases, as described in our affiliate policy. I’m just reading How Not to Die, and Greger discusses the valuable nutrients in the dark orange and blue potatoes (totally absent in white and yellow potatoes) and also notes the importance of eating the skin, which contains many nutrients. The USDA requires that orange-colored sweet potatoes be labeled as “sweet potatoes” in addition to “yams” which is obviously super helpful. I also add in a can of whole kernel corn, with its juice. Yams have a unique taste, too. This is the most common sweet potato variety in American grocery stores, and the one you'll find at pretty much every market. [Photograph: Shutterstock] Even once baked, the Okinawa sweet potato retains its stunning purple color. These sweet potatoes are much denser than most of the orange varieties, and starchier, too. For starters, a sweet potato isn't a potato at all, meaning it's not a member of the Solanum tuberosum potato family from which French fries, mashed potatoes, and latkes are made; their composition of simple sugars and complex starches are quite different. There are very few foods I can’t live without. Flavors of Oakland: A Cookbook in 20 Stories, The Ultimate Homemade Green Bean Casserole, A Guide to Clam Types and What to Do With Them, The Truth About Mustard Oil: Behind the "For External Use Only" Label.

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