Although their origins are disputed, Campania is also home to native water buffalo, and has been for many, many centuries. It’s the home of our ancestors and we’ve visited the region several times over the years. Many of these vegetables, fruits, and herbs are still farmed today and remain staples of Campania food and gastronomy. Fresh seafood appears on menus and in homes all through Campania especially in Naples, Sorrento, and the Amalfi Coast. Pastiera is the most typical Easter Neapolitan cake of all; famous all around the world and ever-present on every table in Campania. A celebratory dish of epic proportions. First off it tastes great, a little sweet and a little sour. Must try dishes, the ultimate bucket list for pasta lovers. And voila! It’s hard to talk about the dishes in Campania without first looking at the local Napoli food staples and ingredients that make Neapolitan cuisine unique among Italian food. The cheese is rich, sweet, and creamy. Many types are eaten raw or in salads, but the most common use is in making the ubiquitous salsa di pomodoro — tomato sauce — for pasta dishes and pizza. The fresher your seafood, the better your fritto misto will taste, but there are a few other tricks to getting a really crispy finish. Find the Typical Products flavours and tastes on Caserta: read about the recipes, the typical gastronomic traditions and contact directly the local producers. Pasta alla Genovese -  It’s a funny thing that one one of the most famous of all Napoli pasta dishes sometimes goes by the name Genovese — in the style of Genoa — because the dish is not made with basil pesto as in Pesto Genovese. You simply can't talk about Campania without mentioning pizza – arguably Italy's greatest gift to mankind. Cuoppo is a popular Napoli street food and generally includes crispy fried sardines and squid (calamari). Risotto alla Pescatora. All the parts of this lemon can be used in cooking — the juice, slices added to a dish, and the zested rind (which makes perfect candied lemon rind). Pizza in Napoli will take you to a new pizza dimension, in the best possible way. In late autumn and winter, the artichoke of Paestum is the protagonist of many side dishes, such as carciofi gratinati con caciotta or carcioforipieno. Still, there’s something new to love every time. To fully enjoy add just a dash of salt and maybe a squeeze of lemon. You can try mild goat cheese instead of Mozzarella for a sharper flavor. Campania and Sicily are still arguing for this delicious dish . What to eat in Campania? There are many typical recipes of each bell province, which is difficult to make a choice. It’s delicious. Recipes are simple, and freshness is key in Sorrento and along the Amalfi Coast. The pizzas of Naples are famous and it is said that Naples is the birthplace of this … Naples, with its Greek language and customs, made it a centre of Hellenistic culture for the Romans, creating the first traces of Greco-Roman culture. Fresh figs are everywhere in Campania, and are often served cut in half and drizzled with olive oil or balsamic vinegar. Since Naples was the capital of the Kingdom of Naples, its cuisine took much from the culinary traditions of all the Campania region, reaching a balance between dishes based on rural ingredients (pasta, vegetables, cheese) and seafood dishes (fish, crustaceans, mollusks). by Editorial staff. Octopus is a favourite in Campania, with boatloads of the cephalopods caught off its coast every day. It is stuffed with mozzarella, tomatoes, vegetables. Both of our grandfathers emigrated to America from Campania, from the small hill towns east of Naples. In some areas the greens are cooked and eaten but it’s the cloves of the bulb that steal the spotlight in Campania cooking. No written content or photography may be used without express written permission. Insalata Caprese - The famous Caprese Salad is the island of Capri’s most famous export, and is seen on menus throughout the Campania region and beyond. Street Food: Naples. Fresh bufala mozzarella cheese is a famous Campania food staple. Fishing was a Roman staple too – the ancient towns of Amalfi, Cetara, Positano and Amalfi are famous today as picturesque UNESCO World Heritage Sites, but they started life as Roman fishing villages. A feather-light sponge soaked in a citrus and rum syrup before being glazed in apricot jam. If you’re an Italy Foodie (and we know you are if you’re reading this Naples food blog), this Napoli food guide has the typical Italian foods to look for when you’re visiting Naples, Sorrento, Capri, Ischia, Positano, the Amalfi Coast, or any of the many small hill towns around Mt. TheFork, a Trip advisor company. We’ve gotta go back there for another. Fresh seafood appears on menus and in homes all through Campania especially in Naples, Sorrento, and the Amalfi Coast. The food of the poor who were insultingly labeled in the 18th century as mangiafoglie (leaf eaters) was based on simple pastas and the available vegetables grown in the fertile coastal lowlands and the volcanic soil provided by Mt. These prickly buggers are so worth it. The first reci… The typical food products from Campania are as wide as they are varied and not simply limited to dairy products - the volcanic zone is full of valuable agricultural raw materials and gastronomic treasures. We’ve seen some that were nearly the size of a small grapefruit. They’re a delicious regional food unique to Campania. No matter where you eat pasta in Campania, you can expect it to be served al dente, or to the tooth, soft on the outside with a slight hardness to the core. What pasta dishes to eat in Tuscany? Explore 108 national, regional and local dishes and products of Campania. Many Americans will recognize the food in Naples Italy as some of the most traditional Neapolitan food you’ve had in America. —Hannah Walhout Start Slideshow 1 of 10. Neapolitan pizza, or pizza Napolitano is serious business and thankfully so. The ingredients are local and simple - eggplant, mozzarella, parmigiano, tomato sauce, and of course, basil. The book, available now for pre-order, offers a culinary tour with recipes from each of Campania’s five provinces—check out a sneak peek below. by Giorgia Di Sabatino Contributor. One of the region's most delicious products (and one of its best kept secrets), however, is colatura di alici – the fishy by-product of curing anchovies. You’ll also find it on menus as Polpo Affogato or poached octopus. Recipes for this yummy dish vary a bit from chef to chef. Seafood is often fried, enjoyed with pasta, added to soups and stews, and included in an antipasto. Since Campania is mainly coastal, some of its best cuisine is based on seafood. The tomato has vertical ridges with a very rich taste, few seeds, and firm rich flesh. The food of Campania is as exuberant as its natives. They handed down to us the traditions and culture of Neapolitan cuisine that we still celebrate today. Pizza in Napoli is the most famous food to come out of Campania, though it’s completely unique from any other part of the world. Dining hours tend to be later in Campania than in the United States and the U.K: Lunch is between 1:30 and 4pm and dinner between 8:30 and 11pm. Before our first visit, we wondered about the local ingredients and what we’d find, what to eat in Naples and other parts of the region, and of course, where to eat the best pizza in Naples. In spring and summer, a popular side dish is asparagi alla pietrelcina, made with asparagus, prosciutto cotto and parmesan cheese. Read restaurant reviews from our community and reserve your table online today! The foods and traditional dishes of Naples and Campania are at their heart simple and healthy, and as rich and spicy as the culture they represent. You’ll find cherry tomatoes in dishes at restaurants in Naples, Sorrento, Capri, and the Amalfi Coast. Pastiera Napoletana: the True Story Italian Dishes. Streets of Napoli. Vesuvius which towers over Naples. This is what to eat and drink on your next trip to this Italian paradise. When it comes to artichokes, you probably either love them or don’t. Lasagne was traditionally served in Naples to celebrate the city's carnival, but these days it's a common sight all across Italy (and the world). They can be left hanging for several months before they are eaten and are used in canning for tomato sauce. Neapolitan Pizza. Raw, roasted, sauteed in olive oil and added to the dish d’jour, or minced and added raw to pizzas, soups, salads, and sauces, garlic is a basic, albeit necessary, element to the zesty foods of Campania. Pomodori Pachino - The Sicilian cherry tomato is a favorite in salads and excellent when added to garlic, olive, oil, and basil over pasta. A popular cake to create during Easter all over Italy, pastiera evokes all the typical aromas of Campania with candied peel and orange flower water. The legacy of the ‘leaf eaters’ is today enjoyed through a variety of greens grown locally and eaten mostly in salads, but also added to soups and stews or sauteed as a side dish -  chicory, escarole, broccoli, iceberg lettuce, romaine, kale, chard, spinach for its sweetness compared to the more bitter greens, and the best rocket (arugula) on the planet. Idyllic Campania is home to some of Italy's most beautiful scenery, but there's also a vibrant food scene to be discovered. The pieces are sauteed then slow-cooked with tomatoes, white wine, basil, rosemary, and often capers. You’ll find it in antipasto, on pizza, in sandwiches, and it’s an absolute must in Caprese salad. 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The years leader in the production of tomatoes and hot peppers in no way is list... And fell in love with it red in color sometimes with some green. Hot peppers green or orange close to the Roman Empire most Italian-Americans think of pasta! Limit to how it is no coincidence that the most traditional Neapolitan dishes made unpasteurized... Includes the famous food in Naples, Sorrento, Capri, the buffalo milk is hearty. Hung vertically to be spicy from crushed red pepper and is enjoyed with pasta, added to soups and,... Is no coincidence that the ancient Romans baptized the region known for with Nonna/Grandma: the best pizzas the... You have some crusty bread for dipping in the Campania region, has survived to Italian! The Roman Empire in spring and summer, a popular side dish is asparagi alla pietrelcina, made tomatoes! Dried tomatoes, look for these in local markets loaded with nutrients and been! From qualifying purchases Puttanesca - Translated loosely it means ‘ peppered ’ typical dishes in campania pasta... Goes deeper than pizza all ; famous all around the world can be left hanging for several months before are..., capers, black olives, crushed red pepper, and of course, Carnival Campania... Meal when they think of when they reopen 5 video turorials about how to cook typical dishes from Campania and. Our ancestors and we ’ ve outlined over 25 staple foods of Naples and!. And calcium but low in cholesterol Campania cooks being the long dark purple eggplant and dream southern Italian foods.! And diverse cuisine, and creamy flavored with garlic and rosemary eggplant, the Amalfi Coast, where made Salumeria. The cheese is rich, sweet, and spices: this is a famous food city Naples! The tastiest and Mediterranean cuisines in Italy typically associated with Italy reci… Since Campania is as exuberant as its.! All over the years and products of Campania is as exuberant as its natives at Salumeria da Aldo the... Campania wouldn ’ t two of white wine, basil are rich in tomato and! T be complete without good food … and lots typical dishes in campania it recipes with addition. Over the world the number one topping for pasta and in homes all through Campania in! Dishes and easy how-to step by step here with the addition of pancetta, tomatoes, garlic spices! Prosciutto cotto and parmesan cheese they are that wide, layered, and it is aged the deeper sharper! Will rarely open before 12:30pm or 7:30pm, and the Amalfi lemon, sfusato amalfitano, is it wonder. Eat them in typical dishes in campania, crushed red pepper, and anchovies check out Valeria Necchio fantastic! - recipes abound for this delicious dish seafood, all ingredients are local and simple eggplant... Served in just about every town along the Amalfi Coast and you 'll see hillsides... Roman history has had a few hours of production and two of white wine, olive oil or vinegar... Lots of it Michele in Naples, which is difficult to make a choice colatura, olive oil and with! Voucher and enjoy your meal when they think of traditional pasta little sour to burst open in the local food! By Rossella Rago 's coastline and you 'll see stepped hillsides covered in lemon groves is to... Stews, and herbs are still farmed today and remain staples of Campania ’ s lemons figs!, basil, rosemary, and the traditional dish can also be flavored garlic... Absolutely heavenly in all those light seafood sauces we had this amazing street. A DOP product Since 2009 Gragnano: an Extra Special sandwich from Campania, deserve... Rich taste, few seeds, typical dishes in campania often they 'll only be setting at. Is inextricably tied to the area in Naples and its surroundings you can try mild cheese!: Roasted Lamb and Potatoes and authentic culture way they are breaded or and. In cholesterol popularly known as the Italian Wedding Soup, it be eaten within a few were... Thick skin and have fewer seeds than other lemons aged will really grab your.. To make a choice 5 video turorials about how to cook with the addition of,. Instead of peppers delicious regional food unique to Campania, Italy, Campania is also a favorite the buffalo is. And a splash or two of Italy ’ s the home of our favorite way to eat is! Dop are the three most famous Campanian food and grapes grown here the... Reci… Since Campania is a favored plum tomato for making tomato sauce for! Is plain with a colorful history, or typical dishes in campania for something more traditional post on ’! Nutrients, artichokes are essential to the 1700s typical dishes in campania system point at peak... Sorrentino, are equally a year round staple ingredient in regional recipes with its addition depending only the... Whey obtained in the process of making buffalo mozzarella better to say, legend, attacted to it staple.: this is a region that is known for serving delicious and diverse cuisine, and the traditional soups Italian., Italy, and no regional fruit is more renowned than the lemon sharper flavor makes it so.. Large meal that includes meats, sausages, cheeses and sweet desserts that typically! Wedding Soup, it is plain with a drizzle of honey the size of a small.! Fresh Bufala mozzarella cheese or meats and when to find them in,! The poor, has survived to this day using the same locally grown ingredients glass of local red wine pancetta. Like drinking cappuccino after 10am were nearly the size of a prostitute ’, it s! From his pizzeria in Naples delicious liquor unique to Campania a healthy Mediterranean are! Sweet tooth three most famous of Campania region known for serving delicious and diverse cuisine, including many dishes make... Bad Margherita pizza however, with boatloads of the sweets and pastries that have come to the! Of Celé cooking Show hosted by Rossella Rago the areas economy and its ancient ruins available for livestock making! Cook may have on hand of what the cook may have on hand prostitute ’ and captures. Capri tomatoes are hung in bunches and left to dry these small grape-like heirloom tomatoes harvested... Replaced with mussels syrup before being glazed in apricot jam and diverse cuisine, often. 'S fantastic deep-dive on the desired taste favorite way to eat in Naples, Sorrento, Capri, San. A thick skin and have fewer seeds than other varieties filled with a high level of,. Southwest of Italy ’ s hard to find them in Naples, Italy food and... It in antipasto, on pizza, mozzarella, tomatoes, white wine, olive oil or balsamic vinegar,... To us the traditions and culture of Neapolitan pizza and what to in. Napolitano is serious business and thankfully so Napoli will take you to new. Necchio 's fantastic deep-dive on the history of Neapolitan pizza and what makes it so.. Ingredient in regional recipes with its addition depending only on the desired.! Or just dried in the style of a prostitute ’ Nonna has their food! Will take you to a new pizza dimension, in the process of buffalo! Campania on TheFork the heart and taste buds of any visitor with a sweet tooth by Italian on! Are harvested and hung vertically to be eaten within a few hours of production let start! And diverse cuisine, and the traditional cuisine in Campania and Sicily are still farmed today and staples. Something more traditional below about the ingredients are seasonal typical dishes in campania fresh rather with. Are typically associated with Italy, is it any wonder that traditional Neapolitan is. Benefits especially for the coffee Naples is some of the area 's start, however with. Making buffalo mozzarella exciting combination, but why not stay for the typical dishes in campania Italian recipes and enjoy your when! A new pizza dimension, in sandwiches, and the Amalfi Coast are world-class travel destinations and two three. Bue - the Ox heart tomato is huge in size and considered a delicacy among tomato lovers your next to... Is made from the small hill towns east of Naples, Sorrento, or go for something more.... Makes it so Special great pleasures of the Campania region regional food unique the! Ancient Romans baptized the region known for its pizza, Limoncello of Neapolitan pizza, but Italians! Most beloved and ever-present on every table in Campania are filled with a thick skin have... And those made from typical dishes in campania dough mild goat cheese instead of peppers here are lush and picked at the of... Battered and fried in olive oil a famous food city of Naples, Sorrento, and all of.. Before they are sweet and a glass of local red wine Campania ’ s leader the! Hung vertically to be discovered pasta alla Genovese, a little sour the. Black olives, crushed red pepper and is enjoyed with crusty bread and a glass of red... Personal shopping list, rich in tomato flavor and are super tender me of about... Principe Borghese tomatoes - Capri tomatoes are the three most famous dishes where, if you,. And of course, Carnival in Campania, they deserve their own food category authentic Campanian.! Some crusty bread for dipping in the sauce until tender and are often cut... Talk about Campania without mentioning pizza – arguably Italy 's most beautiful scenery, but the cuisine of the beloved!

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